Libra Wings

I’m not a sappy emotional dude. Never been good
really at expressing emotions. Never really saw the point. Never really saw any purpose in opening myself up to people and letting them in. Till i met her… My Libra.

She came into my life like a hailstorm from the place between heaven and paradise. A beautiful, strange and wonderful creature born in a place of passion and pain.

A flurry of long dark curls, deep chocolate eyes and lips as full and as pink as a fresh rose bud. Skin the color of milky caramel and as soft as the cheeck of an angel. And her smile… Oh god her smile, it makes my heart leap and skip several beats when gives me that shy smile that melts my insides everytime. I’m always amazed at how she can ignite a fire in my soul when she looks at me with that look in her eye and when she bites her lips…ughh its does something to me thats just… supernatural.

Our story is that of one youd more likely have read in some sappy romance novel or lifetime movie. We were high school sweet hearts, freshman year second semester. It was only just a few weeks since wed been back from winter break when i saw her checking me out from the safety of behind her friend. Shed peek around corners and flee swiftly I’d muster up the courage to go talk to her or remain awkwardly silent when we were both engaged into group conversations. And i was no better, walk up just to blush at the sight her smile and quickly retreat. It was a few weeks until we actually had a conversation. But when we did finally talk, that day in I.S.S. (In School suspension for all those who don’t know.) passing notes back and forth and talking when the class was busy. The awkwardness soon melted away as if we were old friends catching up. I cant truely explain it, one moment i barely knew her from around the halls of school, to it being as if we’ve known each other our whole lives.

After that we became inseparable. Where she was there was i and vice versa. Our friends soon grew tired of our new found love, maybe because we couldn’t go five minutes without needing the jaws of life to seperate our faces. It was pure and simple puppy love that just grew! It was beautiful, strange and magical and a lil scary.

Well after the summer break was over and school started back up, i had spent the entire summer grounded and was not allowed to step a foot out of the house. So returning to school was exciting for more than just a few reasons… But also a bit sad. My mother and brother were both very unhappy there where we were living and decided itd be best to move back Atlanta were we are from and leave Colorado in a rearview. And everyone else too. Knowing this made it bitter sweet when i saw her there waiting for me in our usual meeting place and an array of emotions began to swirl in me. So i panicked and ran and hid.

When she found me, i admitted my news to her. She was upset to say the least but we swore we would make the best of the time we had left.

The next few weeks were amazing. Everyday we spent together was a new adventure. One full of happiness and laughter and bliss. Soon the day came that we would make our connection more physical. We were both virgins, we didnt care less about the setting because it would be special regardless cause it was each other..
And mannn was it something else words cannot describe it. It waas beyond any and all i had ever thought it would be like and so much more…

It wasn’t long after that my family decided it was time to leave. The day i withdrew from school i couldnt find her, i searched e everywhere but nothing… I never got to say goodbye or a final i love you.

It would eight long years till i saw her again…

The year now is 2014 and i had just moved back to Colorado that December after finishing high school i decided to move back to go to school for diesel technology at the Lincoln institute of technology in Denver. I had just started a brand new job at an r.v. dealership. And one day on while preparing to make a run up to the springs to drop an r.v. off at another one of our sister shops for repairs i went into the office to pick up the keys to the shop truck id be driving up there. There she was sitting with her family with a new born and husband in tow. It was so surreal for description. To see her sitting there married and with a child. We talked and exchanged numbers and Facebook names then i had ro hop onto the road. A ling distracted drive that was for me. I had just found the one person i had been looking for for eight fucking years by accident! I wasn’t too upset that she was married or that she had a child, at the time i was dating some chick myself and something in my soul was telling me it wasn’t over for us. Something told me that it couldn’t be that fate had brought back in my life if not for us to get back together. And i was convinced and rightly so.

We spent the next few days texting and catching up, telling each other about our lives since we last saw each other. The ups and downs and all the misadventures that we’d had gone through.

It wasn’t long before all thise feelings we had came flooding back. And we soon became entangled in a quite comicated love affair. Her being trapped in a  marriage that was quite unhappy and abusive. And i who was in a relationship with a woman that was 50 shades of bonkers and was going nowhere fast. We had tried to keep it simple at first, friends with benefits nothing more, bit as most know that rarely works if feelings become envolved. And man were there feelings.

After a few weeks we had agree to leave our partners and stay true to what our hearts wanted and what our souls longed for. Each other.

It’s been difficult, we’ve had our trials and tribulations to work through. But to tell you the truth i really wouldn’t have it any way. They say if its meant to be it’ll always work itself out and I’m a true believer in that now. That there really is a thing called a destiny and soulmates do exists. And i believe that with every fiber of my being. Cause a love like this could not exist without divine intervention. I love that woman and her lil’ monster with all my heart. Id do anything and everything in my power for them. I love that lil boy like he was my own. I look into his eyes and i see hers staring back at me.

It’s been about a year and a half now. A year and a half of ups and downs, but the ups have never ober shadowed the downs. And i don’t ever see that ever changing.

All I dream of at night is us. Living together and starting a family, giving her lil ones some siblings. Being happy together. The way i know how deep in my heart it should’ve been from the beginning. My one biggest regret is leaving in the first place and not fighting harder to stay. To stay with her, for her.

She is my super power, she’s what gives me strength. Her and her boy makes me want to become superman and rearrange the stars to reflect her beauty for God’s to see. Ive never felt ao stro gly and so absolutely sure about anything before in my life, and thats that she has to be my wife, my queen, my Goddess. And i shall happily spend the rest of my life proving my love to her.

My Libra… My Love… My soulmate… My everything.


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